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May 10, 2023

That’s a wrap! Season 14 of the One Percent Podcast is now on all podcast platforms.


We pulled together a recap episode for you this week, featuring short clips from some of the great moments in the podcast’s twelfth season. We were fortunate to have incredible leaders from across industries, disciplines, and fields share their stories and perspectives – and we wanted to share them with you as we wrap up Season 14 and look ahead to the next season.


Here are some of the guests featured in this wrap-up episode:


  • Scott Shute: a keynote speaker, coach, executive, and author whose work combines the knowledge of  ancient philosophical teaching with the practicality of work

  • Reed Maltbie: ‘Coach Reed’ has set up training programs within various highly successful sporting organisations, including the Gaelic Games Association, US Sailing, USA Swimming, the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and the Pro Golf Association of Canada

  • Christian Straka: a mental performance coach and has been working in professional sports for over 30 years

  • Francis Valloor: an author, international speaker and professional trainer who creates and conducts mindfulness and awareness workshops, seminars and courses in Ireland, India, the UK and USA

  • Paul Hughes: an internationally acclaimed artist, former co-founder of the renowned, multi-Cannes-winning creative agency Rothco  


We’re hard at work planning Season 15, and as always we would love your feedback and perspective.