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Jan 13, 2021

Today’s guest was a driving force behind previously unseen success for Irish teams and athletes on European, World and Olympic stages. Gary Keegan is the Founder and CEO of Uppercut, a High Performance Consultancy, with a unique advisory service that helps transform how individuals and organisations achieve high performance in sport, business and leadership.


Gary has spent most of his career immersed in high performance across a range of competitive business and sporting settings. He is also the former Director of the Irish Institute of Sport and former High Performance Director with the IABA’s High Performance Boxing Programme.


In this episode, we discuss his early life and how he got involved in the world of coaching. We talk about his general approach and attitude to performance, which has brought so much success to teams and athletes he has worked with, including the Dublin senior footballers and Tipperary Senior Hurlers. We also dive into the art of leadership, coaching models and the importance of mindset, character and teamwork.