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May 24, 2023

Content warning: this episode covers the topic of addiction. If you need resources or support, talk to your GP or a relevant health practitioner.


Dr Colin O’Gara is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Associate Professor at University College Dublin. He is a graduate of University College Cork medical school (1999) and has postgraduate qualifications from the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB, UK) in General Adult Psychiatry and Substance Misuse Psychiatry. He trained within the NHS Maudsley Hospital rotational schemes at registrar and specialist registrar levels (2000-2006), attaining membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2003. 


During this time he also researched addiction genetics at the Institute of Psychiatry, London. He was awarded a PhD from King's College London in 2010. He is a Consultant Psychiatrist and head of addiction services at Saint John of God Hospital since 2007, leading clinical activities, service development, research and teaching programmes in addiction. 


During this time, he has worked with a wide range of talented multidisciplinary clinical and management colleagues, building holistic non-confrontational detoxification and rehabilitation services. His recent academic and service development work has been featured in international journals and medical publications.