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Jan 27, 2021

Dr Dan Hill an internationally recognised facial coding expert and author of 5 books on the topic, who unlocks emotional attributes through face reading and has gained performance and communication insights for professional sports bodies in addition to corporate organisations through his consultancy Uppercut. 


Some of the work he is best known for is his extensive and fascinating study into the facial expressions of public figures such as politicians (particularly US presidents), celebrities and even paintings. In this week’s edition of The 1% Podcast we get into detail on facial expression and body language in our personal lives, in the workplace and in public life, discuss the recent US Presidential Inauguration and Dan’s views on Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and other intriguing topics like how to spot a liar.


It's an engaging discussion filled with Dan’s unique insights into human behaviour as well as tips on how we can all learn to use facial decoding to help to understand the people around us better.